Finding Top Three Traveling Destinations

Most of us are familiar that travelling is something that everyone likes to do for recreation, either it’s in the same country or abroad. However, this is not the only reason why people do travelling from one country or form one place to another, the reasons are mostly enjoyment with family and business trips.

When people travel to other countries for enjoyment purposes, they look for the most attractive destinations and options of holiday and tourist resorts. In this article, we will discuss about the top three destinations of the world which will give you enjoyment to its extreme. The top three destinations of the world are Egypt, Mauritius and Italy.

It is located in Northern Africa and is known as the ‘Gift of Nile’. This land has the one of the wonders of the world known as pyramids. It also has the massive sphinx and the golden desert stretches. The Red Sea, the Nile river, Sahara Desert and the Libyan Desert can also be seen. This is not only which Egypt has. In contrast, there are palatial monuments and attractive beaches which make Egypt a wonderland for tourists around the world. The ancient feature of Egypt lies in the fact that the Greeks and Romans called Egyptian culture as the ancient culture. One will be amazed to see its cities where a common man regardless of modernization worships the dead and also docks the notions of an afterlife. Many places like museums and shrines dedicated to the ancient Gods, Pharaohs, Queens etc are also worth visiting. The camel safari can also be enjoyed.

This is a tiny island which is at the top of a volcano. It is an attractive tropical garden which appears to arise from the emerald green waters of a lagoon. The barrier reefs and pretty pure beaches are amazing. The culture of Mauritius is very colorful and it is a very fascinating place. The center of attraction are the traditional festivals. Its cultural customs are a mixture of native, European, Indian and Chinese cultures. Different kinds of architectural pieces are also present that reveal the medieval architecture and European heritage. A tourist can also enjoy the water sports at the beaches around the island. Plenty of tourist attractions are located on the island. Port Louis is a must-visit place, it is one of the most attractive and lively city of Mauritius, China Town and also Muammar Al Qadaffi.